Pacific College of Teachers Education

Activities @ PCTE
Salient features of the College
Orientation programme.
After admission of student-teachers in the college orientation programme is held as it is essential to acquaint them with the overall syllabus of the B.Ed course.
Freshers' day
To find out hidden talents of the student-teachers in the literaland cultural activities freshers' day is organized in the college.
Formation of tutorial Groups.
Tutorial groups are formed and on every Saturday one period is allotted for these groups. Cultural and literary activities are held and educational problems , if any, are solved in this period.
Subject associations
Language science and social science associations are formed in the college. These associations organize on different occasions in the session extension lectures, competition in cultural and cultural activities and educational tours etc. Preparation of wall magazines on important days related to these associations are also prepared and displayed by the student teachers.
Demonstration lesson.
In teacher education learning teaching process is very important. To make familiar with this process members of the faculty give model lessons before the student teachers.
Practice Teaching Programme.
In Teacher’s college practice teaching programme are complementary to each other. Student teachers learn different teaching methods and skills and make use of them in school to make classroom teaching effective.
Open Air Session.
Open air session is organized for three to five days every year, Student teachers along with the staff stay away from the college in natural environment near by a village and perform different curricular and co-curricular activities. They come into close contact with village community and do several works
Internship Programme :
For Internship Programme students teachers are taken to different town or villages school. There, they participated in all the school activities from morning till evening and be familiar with them. Duration of Internship Programme may be 4 Weeks in First Year and 16 Weeks in second Year.
Extension lectures:
For the sake of enrichment of knowledge extension lectures are held from time to time in a session. Renowned educationalists of national/ International repute are invited to deliver these lectures so that students – teachers can learn the latest innovative practices taking place in the field of education.
S.No. Talker Talk
1. Prof. O.S.Dewal
Councilor NCERT, NCTE
Education and Action
2. Sh. M.L. Barber Time Management
3. Sh. Vivek Bhatnagar
News Researcher ETV Hyderabad
Communication and stages of Communication
4. Prof. A.B.Phatak
Educationist and Retd. Principal of B.Ed. College
Education and Social change
5. Prof. M.P.Sharma Principal
Vidya Bhavan  G.S.T.T. College Udaipur.
Education and Teacher
6. Smt. Ami Rathore Lect.
Head of Dept. English
Lokmanya Teachers College Dabok.
Nature of Language
7. Prof. R.P Sanadya
Principal of Arawali Teacher’s Training College, Udaipur (Raj.)
Importance of Science teaching in Present.
8. Dr. A.K. Jain
Reader, Kota University (Raj.)
Application of Statistices in Education
9. Dr. Manju Verma
Rtd. Reader, Lokmanya Tilak Teacher’s Training College, Dabok Udaipur (Raj.)
10. Dr. Yashvant Bordia
(Director of E.G.C.I.E.P.L.)
11. Prof. Surendra pal.
Principal, Shree Dwarkadwish Teacher’s Traning College, Kankroli, Rajsamand (Raj.)
12. Prof. M.L. Barber,
Director, Center For Human Resource
Time- Management
13. Shree Hamer Lal Pandya
Rtd. (D.E.O.) Girwa, Udaipur (Raj.)
How to Success in IInd grade Teacher Recuirtment and REET Exam.
Educational Tour :
Educational tours are organized two or three times a session. The students – teacher are taken to the places of historical, scientific and religious importance because during tours students teachers came into close contact with lots of various experiences and learn lot from these. Tagore, the eminent educationalist of out country also believes that teaching must take place while working.
Culture Week :
In a cultural week various cultural activities are organized. These programmers give exposure to hidden talent of students – teachers during these days teachers enjoy a lot.
Games & Sports Day :
“A healthy mind lies in a healthy body”. For the built up of a healthy body games and sports are essential for students in a educational institute. For this purpose many games and events are organized in the college for students – teachers.
Celebration of National and Social Festivals:
To make familiar with important national events, National days and national social festivals are celebrated. All the students – teachers and staff took part to make it a success.