Pacific College of Teachers Education

Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research Society
4, New Fatehpura,
Udaipur, Rajasthan

Entering the new millennium, everybody realizes that revolutionary changes are taking place in the educational environment of our country. It also means that India is destined to gain its rightful place in the community of nations which is already referring the 21st century as the Asia Pacific century. Preempting the opportunities in the field of education that would be thrown up in the process of development, Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research Society Udaipur was founded in 1997 with the purpose of proliferating education by establishing centers of learning in diverse fields management, IT, medicine, engineering education etc.

The academy is chaired by the promoters of Rs. 200 crore, Pacific Group of companies, Udaipur. The dedicated team of office bearers share an ambitions “Millenium Vision” for fulfilling the Society’s mission.

The Executive Board: 

Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research Society



1 Shri B.R. Agrawal President
2 Shri Rahul Agrawal Secretary
3 Shri Ashish Agrawal Finance Secretary
4 Shrimati Priti Agrawal Treasurer
5 Shrimati Leela Agrawal Member
6 Shrimati Sheetal Agrawal Member
7 Shri Suresh Goyal Member
8 Shri S.M. Agrawal Member
9 Shrimati Ruchika Bansal Member