Pacific College of Teachers Education

Geography Lab
उपकरणों/सामग्री का विवरण

Sr. No. Name of Equipments
1) Wet & Dry Bulb Thermo meter
2) Max Min Thermo meter
3) Simple Thermometer (fahrenheit)
4) Simple Thermometer (Centigrade)
5) Wind Wane
6) Rain Gauge
7) Aneroid Barometer
8) Six's maximum and minimum Thermometer
9) Anemometer
10) French Curve (Small)
11) French Curve (Big)
12) Instrument Box (Black Board Set)
13) Plane Table wooden
14) Prismatic
15) Ranging Rod Iron
16) Measuring Tape 30 Meter
17) Wall Map India Politics (Laminated 100x70)
18) Wall Map India Physical (Laminated 100x70)
19) Wall Map World Politics (Laminated 100x140)
20) Wall Map World Physical (Laminated 100x140)
21) Wall Map Rajasthan Politics (Laminated 100x70)
22) Wall Map Rajasthan Physical (Laminated 100x70)
23) Globe 30" Physical
24) Globe 30" Political
25) Wall Map Asia Political
26) Wall Map Asia Physical
27) India Outline Map
28) Rajasthan Outline Map
29) Charts :-
a- Phases of the moon
b- Seasons & Climate
c- Spring and Neap Tides
d- Water Cycle in Nature
e- Conentional Sings
f- day and Night
g- Earthquake
h- Weather Instruments
i- Waether Symbols