Pacific College of Teachers Education

B.Ed. Syllabus


A Compulsory Subject- Course 1 to 4:
  Course-1 Childhood And Growing Up
  Course-2 Contemporary India and Education (Including Gender, School and Society)
  Course-3 learning and teaching
  Course-4 Language across the curriculum (Including Reading and reflecting Texts)
B Pedagogy of School Subject:-

Course V to VI

  (OPT for any two Subjects from following three groups. The Pedagogy of School’s Subjects school be one group).
Group I: 1. Pedagogy of Hindi 2. Pedagogy of English
  3. Pedagogy of Sanskrit 4. Pedagogy of Social Science
  5. Pedagogy of History 6. Pedagogy of Economics
  7. Pedagogy of Political Science 8. Pedagogy of Geography
  9 . Pedagogy of Home Science 10. Pedagogy of Sociology
Group II: 1. Pedagogy of physics 2. Pedagogy of Mathematics
  3. Pedagogy of General Science 4. Pedagogy of Biology
  5. Pedagogy of Home Science 6. Pedagogy of Computer Science
Group III: 1. Pedagogy of Business Studies 2. Pedagogy of Financial Accounting


1. The Number of Student option for any method should be 10(Ten). If the number of Students is less than 10(Ten) for any Pedagogy of school subjects then that Paper will not be taught
2. Only those Students can opt. for ‘Pedagogy of Social Science' Who had any two of the following subjects in their graduation Level.
 I) History  II) Geography
III)  Political Science IV)  Economics
 V) Public Administration  VI) Psychology
 VII) Philosophy VIII) Sociology
3. No changes would be made in the teaching subjects.
C Courses on Enhancing professional Capacities
 Courses 7 - Drama and Art in Education
 Courses 8 - Critical Understanding of ICT


A Pedagogy of School Subject :- Course 12 & 13
  Course – 12 Pedagogy of School Subject (First) – Part – II
  Course – 13 Pedagogy of School Subject (Second) – Part – II
B Compulsory Subject- Course 14 to 17
  Course -14 Knowledge and Curriculum
  Course -15 Assessment for Learning
  Course -16 Educational management and Creating an Inclusive School.
  Course -17 Understanding the Self
C Optional Course (Any one)
  Course-18 (I) Vocational / Work Education
  Course -18 (II) Health and physical.
  Course -18 (III) Peace Education
  Course -18 (IV) Guidance and Counseling
  Course -18 (V) Innovations and Actions Research
Note :-  
  It is Compulsory for the students to pass in the theory as well as practical papers.

  D.El.Ed. Syllabus
  D.El.Ed. 1st Year
  1) Children and childhood
  2) The purpose of education, knowledge and curriculum
  3) Indian society and education
  4) Regarding language, cognition and society curriculum
  5) Hindi language learning and proficiency
  6) English language teaching and proficiency
  7) Pedagogy of Mathematics
  8) Environmental Studies
  9) Pedagogy of Arts
  10) Information and Communication Technology
  D.El.Ed. 2nd Year
  1) Children and Learning
  2) School Culture, Management & Teachers
  3) School Education in Modern Period
  4) Hindi language teaching and proficiency
  5) English language teaching and proficiency
  6) Pedagogy of Mathematics
  7) Pedagogy of Sanskrit
  8) Health and physical education
  9) Pedagogy of Social Science / Pedagogy of Science